The History of Global Harmony

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Our History
Chris Rowbury

Global Harmony were formed in September 1999 under the watchful eye of our then musical director Sally Brown. We began as a womans group, the singing was (as it is still today) all a cappella with a repoertoire of music from all around the world.

Chris Rowbury, founder of Worldsong in Coventry and once musical director of Woven Chords in Stamford, became our next musical director after Easter 2001, and over the next four years, Global Harmony grew in size and confidence. We opened our doors to male voices and welcomed anyone who wished to sing for pleasure.

Liz Underhill


In September 2005 we began a new chapter in our musical history when the irrepressible Liz Underhill became our musical director. After many successful years, including several exchange visits with the French choir, Canta Koume, from the Loire Valley, Liz decided to retire from singing in 2018.

Carl Hodson

Global Harmony were then led by Carl Hodson who successfully saw the choir through the upheaval of the Covid lock downs and kept us singing until his decision to step down at the end of 2022.


Jane Bursnall

We now have the privilege of having Jane Bursnall as our musical director. Jane is a very experienced choir leader and we know that Global Harmony Community Choir will have a great future with her.


For more information on our wonderful current musical director please click here or the image above.

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